Words and learning

This is an early draft. If you’d like to help curate the content please get in touch!

Approximately 15Gb of content. It is complemented by the apps & Arabic content (French to-do)

Apps for education~200Mb
Books for beginning readers. (Age 2-5)37 Mb
50 story books at level 1 reading50Mb
50 story books at level 2 reading50Mb
50 story books at level 3 reading50Mb
45 story books at Level 4 reading30Mb
Text books age 8-14 15Mb
Text books age 14-1850Mb
Interactive Math and Science simulations. 35Mb
Great books of the World, including religious texts (Age 8 -Adult)900Mb
First Aid & Anatomy1Mb
Media & Cultural, Decolonial texts, Geography?Mb
Wikipedia 47,300 articles taken from all subject areas.5900Mb
Agriculture, Seed saving, Fertility, Pests, Diseases500Mb
Business & Economics ?Mb
History of the World, History of Art ?Mb
Art, Design, Performance, Writing ?Mb
Music courses?Mb
Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology ?Mb
Computing, Scratch, Python, Bash?Mb
Engineering, Metal working, Electrical, Mechanical?Mb
Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Ecology, Permaculture,?Mb
Plants for a Future database786Mb
Wiki Medical480Mb
Rational Wiki67Mb

5 years Kindergarten.
6 Years first grade.
7 years second grade.
8 = 3rd
9= 4th
12 =7th
14= 9th
15= 10th
16 = 11th
17= 12th
18 = College….same thing as University