The objective is to get one .zim file for each of the lines of this table

Downloading the content

This should be as easy as grabbing the .pdf files from the relevant folder in Drive 

(Right click > save as)

Creating image thumbnails of PDF files


Creating an index.html


Zipping up the content

Right-click > compress > zip

Uploading to Zip2zim

Here: https://zip2zim.openzim.org/

Testing the content



Uploading the zim to the Google drive


Getting other types of content from webpages

If you want to get a website instead this can be a useful wget command

wget –mirror –convert-links –adjust-extension –page-requisites n-p span-hosts –domains cdn.openupresources.org https://im.openupresources.org/6/students/index.html

Tech volunteers

One task that would be useful is creating a service to generate thumbnails from .PDF