The list of apps we plan to distribute, approx 1Gb

Chimple - Kids learning (en,fr)Chimple
Learn to read using proven ‘play to learn’ techniques (en, fr, ar, pt, sw, ha, am, om, yo, zu )Feed the monster
Sugarizer is a learning platform that reinvents how phones are used for education. Contains Scratch & moreSugarizer
Educational suite - Gcompris (en, fr, pt,)ddxof
Offline reader - main gateway to all the other content.Kiwix
Read PDF's offline with reflow & Read aloudBookReader

PDF viewerTTS
Use Android Wifi hotspot to share files phone > phoneShare via http
10,000 sentences is an Android app to help you learn new words in a foreign language.

10000 Sentences
A social network off the grid. Messages spread directly from phone to phoneManyverse
A offline map and navigation application with access to the free, worldwide, OpenStreetMapOSMAnd
Connect directly with nearby contacts - no Internet access requiredBriar
A chess gameJust chess
Sudoku logic puzzle.Sudoku
File managerSimple
For learning programmingTermux
How to make fire, build a shelter, find food, heal and other useful content in a case of emergency.Survival manual
Offline weather prediction, compass & moreTrail Sense
With this app you have some useful tools for Muslims Islamic Prayer times
Install free apps (online), share them (offline)Fdroid
Verifiable photosCameraV

The apps have been selected for:

Open Source – legal distribution
Offline – Must be useful with no internet connection
Ad-free – if people get a net connection they shouldn’t be bombarded with ads
No anti-features as defined by F-droid

If we’ve missed a good one let us know below