The list of apps we plan to distribute, approx 1Gb

Offline reader - main gateway to all the other content.Kiwix
Convert all the written texts into audio textsTTS
A social network off the grid. Messages spread directly from phone to phoneManyverse
Use Android Wifi hotspot to share files phone > phoneShare via http
Learn to read using proven ‘play to learn’ techniques (en, fr, ar)Feed the monster
Sugarizer is a learning platform that reinvents how phones are used for education. Contains Scratch & moreSugarizer
10,000 sentences is an Android app to help you learn new words in a foreign language.

10000 Sentences
Reminders to take a break and stretchPausing Healthily

Lock apps for period of timeGet off your phone

Allow parents or others to restrict access to certain appsPalmkiosk

Screen filter for night time phone useRedmoon
A offline map and navigation application with access to the free, worldwide, OpenStreetMapOSMAnd
Nautical chartplotter, the world is 71% ocean.OSMSea
Connect directly with nearby contacts - no Internet access requiredBriar
Offline telecoms & file sharing. All you need is two phones.Serval
Nutrition & health appHealthphone
A chess gameJust chess
Sudoku logic puzzle.Sudoku
File managerAmaze
For learning programmingTermux
Write things, from shopping lists to novels or scriptsEditor

Keyboard for general use & to enable programming with Termux Anysoft Keys

How to make fire, build a shelter, find food, heal and other useful content in a case of emergency.Survival manual
Write a CV/ Resume and save it as .PDFResume Builder
Logic in argumentsLogical defense
Meditation assistantOm
With this app you have some useful tools for Muslims Islamic Prayer times
Install free apps (online), share them (offline)Fdroid
Structure reports and observations in a journalistic wayPocket Reporter
Verifiable photosCameraV
Read ebooks offlineBookReader

Medical diagnosis toolddxof

The apps have been selected for:

Open Source – legal distribution
Offline – Must be useful with no internet connection
Ad-free – if people get a net connection they shouldn’t be bombarded with ads
No anti-features as defined by F-droid

If we’ve missed a good one let us know below