Carefully selected for all age groups & language abilites


Applications for offline navigation, offline social networking, & much more

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Learn English

Courses & Apps starting at the very beginning, developing basic language skill.

250 books for children

250 reading level 1-4 books for children.

Powered by Kiwix

Kiwix is the software that makes this possible. Attractive file presentation and searchable content.

500 books for adults

The top 500 books from project Gutenberg. In English, French and Arabic


First Aid courses & 50,000 pages used by medical professionals, but also useful for everyone.


Wikipedia for education in French, Arabic and English

Plant database

Plants for a Future; Global directory of 7,000+ plants. detailing Edible, Medicinal and other uses

The hardware

SD cards for phones

We can supply and ship retail-ready Micro SD cards for Android, containing the full library of content anywhere in the world

Rosetta Phone

A £40 smartphone with reasonable spec sold PAYG at cost price, using SMS based mobile payments.

Rosetta Home

A Pi Zero containing the above content, accessed through a web interface, or by connecting to a TV.

Project plan

Current status

The idea emerged in October 2018, in initial research & outreach phase. See the emerging plan here

This year we're planning to

Complete v1 content. Very early drafts of Apps, English and Arabic content. We haven't begun French yet

Set up Open Collective page

Secure funding for upfront costs for 100 sample SD cards – (Crowdfunding? Grant funding? – Get in touch if you have ideas) The idea is to develop a social enterprise model, so the donation-based work should kickstart ongoing work.

Flash 100 cards with content

Set up online shop with order page for cards that accepts Mobile Payment options (Mpay) Ship worldwide.

Package cards in retail packaging and post 3 $free sample cards to 25 phone shops in targetted African towns, with an online link for them to re-order.

Post 250 demo cards to potential supporters, partners, influencers.


Content Formatting

We need to create .Zim files, the format that Kiwix uses for a range of content. Please get in touch if you can help with this.

Strategic outreach

Establishing partnerships with potential distributors and others

Social media help

Someone is needed to help plan a social strategy, identify influencers, manage a Facebook page

Organisational Sponsorship

If your University, Non-Profit, or company can sponsor the project then we'll list you on the main introductory page of the content library. Sponsorship will enable us to devote more time to the project.

Grant funding

We're keen to hear from grant funders who are interested in this work.

Individual donors

Any money donated by individuals through the Open Collective page will be used to buy, install & ship hardware to Africa or refugee camps. You can track how resources are used on the Open Collective page.